The Ivy League School Foundation

The Ivy League School is celebrating its 54th anniversary.  Since 1998, under the leadership of the Cooper family, Ivy League has grown into an unrivaled learning community touching the lives of over 300 students each year.  Its reputation for delivering an elite education in a safe, family-like atmosphere places it at the forefront of schools on Long Island.  Four years ago, in order to ensure an even brighter future and to make its educational resources more available to the larger community, the Ivy League School Foundation was launched. 

Raising tuition to cover costs require a substantial increase that could potentially limit the number of quality students who could afford to attend Ivy League.  Tuition alone covers only a portion of an Ivy League education, therefore, the school must rely on both tuition and charitable gifts to support its enhancements and fulfill its priorities. Every independent school, college and university (and many public schools) generate funds to close the gap between actual costs and real expenditures.

Some examples of where funds have been used are to:

  • Support curriculum enhancements for all students beginning in pre-school
  • Financial aid and scholarships for students
  • Professional development
  • Special events
  • Community service

The Foundation Scholarship ProgramSponsor a student

While Ivy League recognizes that the primary financial responsibility for a student’s tuition rests with the family, there are often extenuating circumstances especially in these difficult times, which may limit educational opportunities for academically qualified students.  Families from a wide range of income levels and backgrounds have qualified for assistance. Moreover, underwriting the cost of some tuition allows our school community to remain open, diverse, inclusive and more representative of our 21st Century global society. Increasing the student population by adding high achieving students raises the academic bar for the entire student population.

Eligibility for scholarships and partial scholarships is based on a family’s demonstrated need and the promise and potential of the applicant as determined by the student’s academic record, teacher recommendations and assessment information.  During the past year, approximately 25% of the student body (representing all grade levels) received some form of assistance.  Families both from inside and outside the school may apply. Most importantly, a proposed, all inclusive, new school building will bring Ivy League to the top as Long Island’s premier private, accredited, school. 

How do I contribute?

You can make a donation by writing a check to The Ivy League School Foundation or credit card.  You can contribute anytime during the year, but receiving funds during the spring campaign helps us plan more efficiently for the following year.  Everyone’s contribution is appreciated. All contributions will be acknowledged by a Foundation Officer.